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Raw Food Recipes – Lemon Scones with Blackberry Sage


            (recipe from the book “RAW FOOD RECIPES”, that is on special till 3 December – get it now and ENJOY healthy and delicious food!) Serves: 8 Preparation time: 8 hours Ingredients For the Lemon Scones: 2 1/2 cups raw flaked oats, finely grounded into oat flour 1 cup almond […]

The Best Diet by Jessica Alba: a Glimpse to the Best Diet for a Bikini-Beautiful Body


What is the best diet to maintain that stunning shape? Undoubtedly, Jessica Alba is one of the hottest celebrities in the world. She looks really dazzling in her bikini pictures and definitely what every girls wishes to look like. If you are in her shoes, the best diet goals to be achieved require having much […]

Detoxing Your Body – Effective Methods in Detoxing Your Body Naturally


Ever felt the need to take a break from life? Detoxing your body can refresh you like nothing else! Trust me in this. What lies within is more important than what shows outside. Detoxing your body makes the organs inside your body improve your whole life’s function! But unlike our outside appearance, we cannot see […]

The Best Diet Plans of FHM’s Sexiest Woman: Cheryl Cole’s Best Diet Plans – Exposed!


Here’s is a body that every woman wants, and she is every man’s dream. Declared as FHM’s number 1 sexiest woman for two consecutive years in a row, Cheryl Cole’sis able to maintain such a dazzling physique. Who would not want that? Together let us uncover Cheryl Cole’s best diet plans to have such a […]

Foods to Boost your Health and Fitness


Life is a long journey, it keeps moving with challenges and obstacles. This is going to give you a surprising experience that you can develop your life gradually. To face these obstacles and challenges throughout the life journey health and fitness is highly required. We have loads of expectations as how we are going to […]

Is Weight Training An Effective Fat Burner For Women?


If you are sick of spending countless hours pounding away on the treadmill yet not seeing the results on the scale then perhaps it is time you start thinking a little differently when it comes to your workouts. Perhaps you should start incorporating weight training into your regime. Lets have a look at how weight […]

Easy Diet Plans – Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Easy Diet Plans


It’s a wonder how celebrities could easily manage their weight – what could be their easy diet plans? It seems challenging, and at times a little jealousy gets in the way for an average gal who persistently tries to get herself in perfect shape. In Anne Hathaway’s latest movie Les Miserables, she lost enormous amount […]

Dressing For Your New Figure


Once the weight begins to drop off one of the most exciting things is getting back into those skinny jeans you previously had to lather up your legs with moisturiser before you could fit into. Clothes can make you feel a million dollars, and they can make you feel down in the dumps if they […]

6 Ways to Motivate Self to Lose Weight


Those women who have been struggling to lose weight know this all too well. It is very hard to motivate oneself to lose weight. The temptations, the challenges and the paradigm shift in lifestyle all contribute to the anxiety and stress of keeping motivated and reach the weight loss goal. It takes knowledge and the […]

Weight Loss and Fibre: How to Add more Fibre to your Diet Deliciously


Fibre is a key component of weight loss. It helps you feel full for a longer period of time, and helps you feel sated from a smaller amount of calories. Fibre also slows down the digestion of food, which helps stave off hunger over the course of the day. If you are on a weight […]

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